Highly Recommend FemTouch & Dr D

“Recently I visited Dr DeJuliis European Medical Spa and asked about the FemTouch rejuvenation treatment. After four children and menopause, I was both interested in getting relief from my symptoms like some of my personal acquaintances had, and nervous about laser treatment. I had spoken with women who described great results with no post-procedure complaints from similar devices. Naturally, I was happy to find this service with a Doctor I already know and trust.

“As usual, Dr De Juliis and her staff were reassuring and professional, making me feel at ease. It only took a few minutes, was very discreet, and not painful at all. For a few hours, there was a mild sensation of warmth which was relieved by applying a moisturizer, much less than the pain and dryness I have been dealing with for a few years. I highly recommend FemTouch laser rejuvenation with Dr DeJuliis for women experiencing discomfort, atrophy and other vaginal menopausal symptoms.”