Menopause is a time of change for a woman. It is when the hard chore of raising children is finally taking new avenues. Either the children are in college or finally landing their dream job away from home, or perhaps there are wedding bells in the air.

You feel accomplished and finally you deserve to enjoy life. You are relieved from ‘those nasty monthly reminders of your fertility’ and you have been doing pretty darn well with hot flashes, night sweats, and all of those issues.

But… are those romantic moments with your special companion spoiled by ‘a dry spell’ that relentlessly does not get any better despite the right ambiance, the red roses, and your favorite champagne?

Welcome to the world of ‘aging naturally’!

FemTouch, with its CO2 laser beam technology, can come to the rescue.

Lack of female hormones, either secondary to menopause, or post-chemotherapy for breast or ovarian cancer, can make the vaginal wall dry, and tighter. These changes interfere with a normal sexual life and can take a big toll on a woman’s self esteem.

FemTouch is a gentle type of laser that can remodel the vaginal wall, increase blood flow, rejuvenate the internal layer of the vagina, and bring back the lost moisture.

FemTouch can also improve stress urinary leakage.

This revolutionary treatment is totally painless, it takes five minutes, and there is no downtime. Dr. Aurora De Juliis is certified and trained in CO2 lasers.

The treatment is done in three sessions, four weeks apart, in our very private, state of the art European Medical Spa in the heart of downtown Montclair, NJ.

Love your body.

Femtouch - Vaginal Rejuvenation