Prescription For Healthy and Beautiful Skin

  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits every day
  • Olive oil (make sure it is a good quality), lemons, fish, nuts, and whole grains should be part of your normal diet.
  • Probiotics promote bowel health. Eliminating toxins and body waste regularly keeps your skin free from blemishes, and gives you a healthy glow.
    • A plain yogurt with live bacilli, eaten every day will do the job.
  • Avoid drinking soda, especially cola. The blood needs minerals to neutralize the acidity of the carbonated drinks; and since the bones are the primary source for the needed minerals, their depletion leads to brittle and thinner bones.
  • High acidity in the blood is linked to cancer. Avoid soft drinks and a diet high in animal proteins. Favor instead fibers, fruits and vegetables.
  • Antioxidants are very important in order to protect your skin from cancer, sun damage, and aging. Vegetables, fruits (especially berries), tea, and dark chocolate are good sources of antioxidants.
  • Take good quality supplements on a daily basis. Vitamin C is probably the most important supplement one needs to take, since our body does not produce it. I recommend at least 500mg of Ascorbyl Palmitate (a non acidic and readily absorbed form of Vit. C), three times a day with meals. Call my office if you are not able to find this particular form of Vit. C.


At night after cleaning the skin to remove all the make-up and dirt, apply reparative peptides and topical retinoid (when indicated). My favorite serum is the Lipo serum (call my office for more details). This serum will resurface your skin while sleeping. Follow the serum with a high quality moisturizer such as the Aurora De Juliis Vitamin C restorative cream.

In the morning, apply a non-acidic Vitamin C serum and a mild moisturizer such as Sage and Citrus facial cream, followed by your favorite make-up if desirable.

I want to emphasize the need to use only excellent products on your skin. Some commercial brands can contain ingredients not indicated for your particular skin. Seek the advice of a skin specialist, who can analyze your skin and make recommendations on the best regimen for your particular case. In the long run, you’ll save you hundreds of dollars by purchasing the correct products.

As always beauty comes from within. Does your body deserve the extra care? You bet!

Love your face.

Dr. Aurora DeJuliis