Summer is gone, but the sun damage on your skin is here to stay. Are you someone who looks in the mirror and feels her face aged all of sudden? Are you seeing more wrinkles, uneven skin color, capillaries? Or maybe you are noticing a dull complexion that looks worse even with the best quality make up.

Now it is time to take care of your face, before the winter blues make you feel depressed, especially if you have the impression you are starting to look more and more like your mother.

Yes, you need to look refreshed, but ouch! Your budget is tight; and you cannot afford to make a regrettable mistake selecting a treatment or a procedure that might not be up to your expectations.

These are my recommendations:

  • Do not waste any more money on expensive skin products that promise the impossible.
  • Look carefully at your face in the mirror, possibly under natural day light. Now try to understand what bothers you the most. Is it the uneven color of your skin? Are the large pores your main concern? Are the wrinkles around your eyes what you want to erase? Are your facial muscles sagging and creating nasty looking jowls? Or maybe you are unhappy with your neck.

It could be you might want to correct everything on your face, but when you have to be careful with your expenses; my suggestion is simple:

  • Pick one or two things you want to improve.
  • Carefully select the doctor you want to trust your face to.
  • Go in for an informal consultation, but never lose sight on your main complain. Expect to pay a modest fee for a consult. A well establish doctor will never do a consultation free of charge.
  • Before making your decision for any procedure, expensive or not; you should feel a sense of trust toward the doctor performing your facial improvement.
  • Be realistic with your expectations. Keep in mind you want to look refreshed; do not assume you will be looking twenty years younger.
  • Finally, once you have made your decision, do not feel guilty or have second thoughts. After all you are doing this for yourself.

Love your face.

Dr. Aurora DeJuliis