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Post Holiday Blues


With the holidays gone and decorations to take down, we welcome January with cold and dark winter days looming in the air, credit card bills arriving with a vengeance, the last thing you want to do not to ruin your life is looking in the mirror.

Do you see your body shape taking a nosedive? Do you regret eating Aunt Edith’s apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream?

I already know you have a gym membership, and your boyfriend already gave you a ten sessions gift with a private trainer for your birthday. I know you got one of those fancy bracelets for the holidays and you are counting your steps every five minutes!

Don’t despair! Coolsculpting and Venus Freeze can come to the rescue!

These FDA approved technologies can freeze, shape, and significantly sculpt your figure like you never thought possible.

Coolsculping works like magic on stubborn fat that diet and exercise left behind.

Your fat rolls can be frozen in a painless, comfortable and totally private medical setting and without any downtime you can return to your regular activities immediately after!



Love your body.



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